Ideal Cultural Immersion Student Travel Destinations in Costa Rica

There are many student travel destinations worldwide, but have you thought of an option that offers several destinations instead of just one? Costa Rica offers multiple destinations for various preferences and budgets.

Even though Costa Rica is a small country with only 19,730 square miles, there are many differences between each region; that’s why through different destinations you and your students will be able to experience differences in culture, food, biodiversity, climate and more. However, we suggest not traveling from one destination to the other each day. Instead, immerse yourself and get familiar with a few strategic destinations and what they can offer you.

If you are wondering where the most beautiful part of Costa Rica is, it would be too challenging to give you just one answer; that’s why we are going to describe three beautiful scenic destinations that you can visit during one trip while having a great cultural immersion experience.

Beyond its beauty, these wonderful places have something very important that we considered while planning a trip: safety. Traveling with an accredited and proven local travel company, such as Costa Rica Explorations, is essential as they have the proper safety protocols and experience needed to ensure your group is safe and secure within each of these destinations.


It is a beautiful valley surrounded by nature, history, poetry, microclimates, agriculture, rivers, a volcano, ecological projects, and much more. When people get to know Turrialba’s beauties, the hardest moment is when they have to leave.

The biodiversity in Turrialba is varied, many species of birds, butterflies, mammals, and more make their home in Turrialba or move through this valley. Why move through this valley? Turrialba is part of Costa Rica’s biological corridor where many animals move from one place to another and visit Turrialba as part of their migration.

There is also has a lot of cultural importance in Turrialba During the late 1800s a train was built through Turrialba to connect the Central Valley with the Caribbean Coast. This train was finished in 1890 and functioned for 100 years. That’s why Turrialba’s culture is enriched by the customs within the Central Valley and also by the Caribbean Coast.

In Turrialba, you can learn about agriculture, because they produce different crops such as coffee and sugar cane.

The historical heritage that this place has been recognized worldwide because here you can find a historical architectural heritage, the Guayabo National Monument. These indigenous ruins are the largest within Costa Rica and will take you back many years ago when indigenous people lived in this area.

And how about stepping out of your comfort zone and having fun? Turrialba is well known for being an adventure town, and the white-water rafting cradle. The beauty that surrounds Turrialba may be found in its mountains, but also in its rivers. Turrialba is surrounded by rivers, some of them are used for rafting, tubing, or kayaking. Also, you can enjoy the canopy through zip-lining tours, canyoning down waterfalls, and hiking in the mountains. Fun activities can be planned every day!.


If someone asked me to describe in two words this place on the Caribbean Coast in the southeast area of Costa Rica, I would say “lovely paradise”. In Cahuita, you will be surrounded by palm trees, white-sand beaches, monkeys, sloths, a beautiful national park, and some calypso playing in the back.

You will be able to visit the Cahuita National Park, where you will be able to walk in the forest and visit its beautiful beaches.

Cahuita is also an ideal place to take surf lessons with great instructors and great surroundings; its calm waters are ideal if it’s your first time on a surfboard.

Animals and nature will surround you most of the time. You will be able to enjoy the pristine beaches while being in the middle of the forest. The south Caribbean side of Costa Rica is where the forest meets the sea. A perfect place to take a breath and enjoy the view.

And how about the culture? Cahuita has an afro-Caribbean enriched culture and is well known as the land of calypso, and it is not by chance that the father of calypso has lived in Cahuita since he was 2 years old, his name is Walter Ferguson. He is one of the most influential musicians in Costa Rica.

History was made on this beach last year too because it is now a handicapped-accessible beach, the path was created with recycled materials from all over the country especially from schools, companies, and more. Everyone gets the possibility to touch the water on the Caribbean Sea, it doesn’t matter their condition. Isn’t this beautiful?

La Fortuna/Arenal

All the way to the north side of Costa Rica, located in Alajuela province you can find one of the most beautiful volcanoes: Arenal Volcano. Its very tall conical shape can be seen from La Fortuna town; it’s imposing scenery and shape make an unavoidable place to visit while in Costa Rica. You will be able to stay in a sweet small town known as La Fortuna where you will be able to see the beautiful volcano, enjoy soaking in geothermal hot springs, which are heated directly from the active volcano.

If you would like to have more active activities while you are in the La Fortuna/Arenal area, you can enjoy a walk on the hanging bridges, an aerial tram where you will feel like you are on the top of the mountain and watch all the different types of birds at their height. Finally, you can enjoy cruising on the ziplines where you will be speechless due to nature and the magnificent landscapes that surround you: all the way from the rainforest floor to the top of the highest trees of the canopy. This town is one of the most developed tourist destinations; however, it maintains its warm Costa Rican culture and traditions, so you will not lose the welcoming feeling while traveling through it.

Plan a Student Cultural Immersion to Costa Rica

Words will never compare to experiencing Costa Rica, firsthand. We encourage every teacher and student who wants a real, authentic cultural immersion to come to Costa Rica and have the experience of a lifetime. Besides visiting beautiful places within this exquisite country, you will be able to immerse yourself with Costa Rica’s culture and within the Spanish language. Costa Rica is waiting for you, and you may not want to leave when your trip comes to an end!

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