Explorations Program Itinerary Focuses

Each of our student program itineraries incorporate enriching learning experiences through pre-selected educational tours. Our high school and middle school itineraries offer a combination of the following content focuses to allow students to opportunity to experience a taste of each of the following themes during their Costa Rica exploration.


Each of our student groups are unique. Depending on the focus of your educational trip with your students, whether you are a social studies, geography, science, religion or outdoor education teacher, we are able to customize our itineraries to include a more in-depth study of any one of the following content focuses.  We can also customize your service learning experience within one of these areas:



Cultural Studies Focus

Our Costa Rica Explorations Itineraries are filled with cultural experiences as the focus of our programs is to truly immerse students within the Costa Rican Culture with Costa Rican cooking classes, dance lessons, and traditional arts-n-crafts. Our itineraries can dive deeper within the following cultural topics:


Indigenous Studies:

  • Visit a local Bribri Village within an Indigenous Reserve to learn about culture and importance of coffee production
  • Understand the history of Indigenous Populations within Costa Rican and their journey
  • Visit an Indigenous Shelter for women and children in Turrialba and learn about the challenges of access to medical attention


History of Costa Rican Culture:

  • Visit Uvita Island in the Limon Province home of the place where Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) touched land in Costa Rica
  • Explore history of Afro-Caribean culture in Costa Rica through visiting important landmarks and speaking with historians
  • Understand the importance of the Chinese and European influences within Costa Rican Culture


Religious Rituals and Festivals (Focus on Catholicism):

  • Semana Santa – Rituals and Festivities
  • Visit to Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels and learning about tradition and importance of patron saint – La Negrita and the Blessed Water
  • Visit various famous Catholic Churches within Costa Rica and learn about their history



Environmental Studies Focus

Costa Rica’s natural world provides an incredible classroom for Environmental Studies. The number of topics to address are plentiful as Costa Rica is home to nearly 6% of the world’s biodiversity while making up only 0.03% of the Earth’s surface.  Costa Rica is one of the most species-dense countries in the world as it is home to over 12 different ecosystems. Costa Rica is also a world leader in the field of conservation with over 25% of its lands being protected within National Parks and reserves.

Offered activities for our Environmental Studies-Focused Itineraries:

  • Conservation Workshops within CATIE (Center for Tropical Agroforestry and Higher Learning) – Coffee and cacao production, Botanical Garden, and Watershed studies
  • Tour of Irazu Volcano National Park
  • Workshop in impacts of various types of energy with a field trip to Angostura Hydroelectric Dam
  • Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Workshop at La Marta Reserve
  • Importance of Wetlands
  • Learn about drinking water conservation with a visit to and “ojo de agua” and workshop with the local rural water association (ASADA)
  • Hikes through Manuel Antonio and/or Cahuita National Park
  • Visit to the Jaguar Animal Rescue Center & Reserve
  • Visit to Local Organic Farm to learn natural farming techniques versus regular farming methods.
  • Exploration of the Cloud Forest
  • Introduction to Birding and the diversity of birds one can find within Costa Rica’s ecosystems
  • Sea Turtle Conservation



Tropical Agriculture Focus

Costa Rica is a leading producer of pineapple, bananas, coffee, and palm oil with huge plantations throughout its countryside. Students are able to visit these plantations and learn more about these industries and what it takes in order to produce and transport a banana to their homes. Tie your studies in with your service project and learn what it takes to be a farmer in the tropics.  

Offered activities for our Tropical Agriculture-Focused Itineraries:

  • Tour of a coffee, macadamia and sugarcane plantation
  • Visit to a Sugarcane Mill and Coffee Beneficio or processing plant
  • Visit to a banana and pineapple plantation to learn about production and selection
  • Visit a local farm to learn about production of other tropical agriculture crops such as yucca, malanga, plantains, peyibajes, guavas, hearts of palm and more.
  • Visit CATIE (Center for Tropical Agriculture Higher Learning and Investigation) and learn what scientists are doing to help combat plagues and keep our food supply stable while adapting to the negative effects of climate change.



Adventure Focus

Our adventure-focused itineraries pack in high-adrenaline activities as well as team-building activities that call for a desire to push oneself athletically and mentally. These elements will help students face their fears and gain trust and confidence within themselves. It also help strengthen students group work abilities to be a strong team member.

Offered activities for our Adventure-Focused Itineraries:

  • Whitewater Rafting overnight that includes Camping in a River Lodge
  • Zipline/Canopy Tour with tarzan swing
  • Canyoning Tour that includes Waterfall Rappelling
  • Surf Lessons
  • Strenuous Rainforest Explorations