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Molly has 10+ years of experience as a classroom teacher and service-learning coordinator planning student trips to Costa Rica, and has lived and worked in Costa Rica for over 15 years. In 2006, she fulfilled a dream of hers and co-founded Costa Rica Explorations, an authentic cultural-immersion, service-based educational student travel program, that continues to be one of the most respected and trusted High School and Middle School student programs offered within Costa Rica.

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Why Visit Costa Rica (for Student Trips)

If you’re a teacher planning an international trip for your students, Costa Rica should be among your top-choice destinations. With its breathtaking natural beauty, incredible biodiversity and welcoming culture, Costa Rica provides the perfect environment for learning outside of the classroom via a student travel program. Why visit Costa Rica for a student trip? As […]

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Choose Turrialba, Costa Rica, for an Authentic Cross-Cultural Student Experience

turrialba, costa rica

Costa Rica is a popular destination for students seeking an educational and authentic cross-cultural Spanish-immersion experience. Because Costa Rica is peaceful and stable, has a rich history and is a worldwide trendsetter in environmental sustainability, it’s a great country to explore — and is the perfect place to learn more about yourself in the process. […]

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Costa Rica School Trip: Benefits & Reasons to Visit

Costa Rica School Trip (waterfall)

Costa Rica is beloved by people from just about any walk of life – nature lovers, thrill seekers, wellness travelers – but its offerings for educators and students are truly beyond compare. A Costa Rica school trip provides access to the outstanding biodiversity, breathtaking scenery and vibrant culture that all visitors enjoy, while also connecting […]

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Researching Student Travel Agencies: What to Consider

Are you a student, teacher or parent looking to travel abroad and don’t know where to begin? Planning international travel is a big undertaking. For many student travelers, it will be the first time that the student will be traveling internationally, independent from his/her family. Also, international student travel is an incredible financial undertaking as […]

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“Ticos in the Snow!” An Inter-Cambio Story

Since 2005, Costa Rica Explorations, aka, CRE has been bringing small groups of North American students to Costa Rica on authentic, cross-cultural, service-based, adventure-learning experiences. Molly Alden started her career in Costa Rica just over 10 years ago. For the first three years she worked as a teacher at the bilingual CATIE Escuela InterAmericana in […]

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